Andrea's Five Style Icons

No matter who you are or what you do in life, there is always someone you look up to. Whether it is a parent, a sibling, a boss, athlete, politician, entertainer, etc., they're there. The same thing applies to personal style. That's why for this post, we'll be looking at five style icons that I feel have been very influential to men throughout history.

1. Gianni Agnelli

"L'Avvocato" as he was most famously known. He alone personified the word "sprezzatura". Wearing his watch over his shirt cuff, wearing the back blade of the tie longer than the front, or wearing his double-breasted tuxedos unbuttoned, he made everything look relaxed yet still put together. If any other man tried imitating his same quirks, it might look ridiculous, but he made it look elegant. Even in his later years, he applied to casual situations, attending a yacht party where everyone was dressed up in a "Canadian Tuxedo" look, washed denim shirt and washed denim jeans and an ascot. He marched to the beat of his own drum, plain and simple.

2. Frank Sinatra

Ahh, good ol' Frankie Blue Eyes. One of the greatest singers of the 20th century. He was known for his Vegas days when his "Rat Pack" ruled the Strip. And he did it with style! Besides dressing in finely cut suits and adoring the color orange, I include him here for his formalwear, which he wore while singing and afterward for a night on the town. He just made the black-tie look so easy and comfortable. He wore it the way we wear sweatpants or pajamas. A reminder to the rest of us that a black tie is supposed to be cool and effortless while we enjoy a great night out.

3. Luciano Barbera

Ok, so this name is a little obscure for those who are not knee-deep into the world of sartorial menswear. But I had to include him here because his style is exactly what every man should hope to have when they age. I consider him to be classic Italian elegance personified. He is always in the most delicate cut garments with appropriate accessories, and he is the result of a lifetime spent dressing well and looking one's best for any situation. One quote of his that I once read stood out to me when crafting my style, "Be yourself and do not follow trends." I couldn't agree more, Sir!

4. Steve McQueen

One of the most popular actors of the mid-20th century. He just oozed manliness and the word "cool." I've included him here because he made simple things look good just by being himself. Through simple jeans, t-shirts, oxford shirts, khakis and sunglasses, he is an example that building your style/wardrobe does not have to be complicated, especially if you are by nature a simple man. Just wear your proper fitting staples with confidence, and it will radiate.

5. JFK

One the most popular US presidents in history. Whether you liked him or not, there was no denying that he embodied the word "preppy" or "Ivy" style. From Brooks Brothers suits to khakis and pullovers to his Ray-Bans and penny loafers, he always seemed to be put together for the occasion. And he did it with the ease that Ivy style allows.

Who are some of your style icons? What did you take from the list of these 5? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

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