Introducing : Holland & Sherry Cloth

Cloth is, arguably, the foundation of a suit (or any other tailored garment for that matter). It dictates the overall aesthetic of the final product, as well as other components that may go unnoticed to an untrained eye, such as the drape. The fabric is also the factor that will mostly impact the price you will end up paying. It is absolutely fair to assume that not all wools are the same. As we all know, wool varies in texture — both visually and at touch.
Recently, our showroom took delivery of over 600 new fabrics. Among all the novelty, the books that caught my eye were from Holland & Sherry — a historically significant mill based on Savile Row in London. Since its foundation in 1836, Holland & Sherry’s sole focus was to create & supply tailors around the world with the finest cloths. For the past few years, I’ve had the chance to work with fabrics from various mills, and I must admit that these fabrics from Holland & Sherry are truly special, in so many different ways. As the story goes, quality end results begin with quality raw materials. Holland & Sherry has a long history of using the world’s finest wools, whether it’s merino, cashmere, mohair and even the extremely rare vicuna. The company’s variety of different weaves can be traced to their expansion, throughout the twentieth century, a period during which Holland & Sherry acquired various cloth merchants from around the globe. Up to this day, the Savile Row based cloth merchant allocates extensive importance to research, constantly trying to come across more fine and luxurious fibres. Quality goods take time to come to life, and Holland & Sherry cloths are woven in a time-honoured way — ensuring consistent quality.
We are also fortunate enough to have a solid selection — with over 200 different cloths, all varying in colour, pattern, texture and weights. With four books currently in stock, there is something for everyone. Our most popular selection is from their InterCity book. Holland and Sherry defines it as:

“The InterCity suiting collection has been designed specifically for the business environment, combining handmade quality with hardwearing practicality. This is our classic suiting line, traditionally British and heavyweight”.

For those who dare to be different, the Ascot Classic book offers a beautiful mix of patterns such as gun club, glen plaid and some updated windowpanes. I should also mention that all these patterns come in a variety of vibrant colours, ideal for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

Lastly, we have the Classic Flannel book, which as the name suggests, offers a wide variety of flannels, perfect for a heavier jacket and even an overcoat, as well as their Luxury Velvets, for your more formal occasions.
I could go on for hours to talk about each of the fabrics, but I’d rather invite you to have a look & appreciate some of the finest cloths in the world. Schedule an appointment by clicking here.
The price for a two-piece suit in Holland & Sherry starts at: $1,119 CAD.
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