Rose: More Than a Sweet Wine

Summer is finally here! Now that we are out of the deep freeze, it's a perfect time to relax on the deck, fire up the grill with family. But what should you drink?
Are you tired of beer or white wine? What if you're having a luscious steak but don't feel like having red wine in the heat? Fear not! Rose wine is a perfect in-between for pairings!

What is a rose? Rose wine is pink, but there are no pink grapes! Rose wine gets the color from having been pressed from red grapes, but unline red wine, which macerates the juices and thus end up being red from the compounds in the skins. Rose wine may macerate for a bit but not nearly as long, leading to wines that range from light peach colors to light ruby red shades. It also can be down to the grape varietal as well!

So if you've had rose wine, many common perceptions of it are that it can be a relatively cheap sweet wine which is an "amateur wine" I'm here to tell you that there are many more styles of rose wine, which are perfectly dry and complex! That said, there is nothing wrong with drinking sweet rose wine. I enjoy it from time to time for a change of pace!

Remember, whether you choose the cheapest or most costly with any wine or drink, as long as you're enjoying it, that's what matters most!

Rose wines from Europe and specifically France are usually dry styles, and for classic French rose, they are dry, fruity and herbal/floral, and sometimes spicy! Ones from Provence and other areas of southern France are great aswell!

Rose from the new world, especially California, can many times be sweeter and fruit-forward. Thanks to the surge in popularity in the past few decades of white zinfandels that are sweeter. However, this isn’t the only style of wine that California makes! Many producers make excellent dry roses using zinfandel and other old-world rose grapes such as Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre! These grapes can also be found in red wines and the southern Rhone in France, used in blends for their red wines!
Here are some of my go-to’s, as well as some to keep an eye out for!

  • Chateau Beaulieu Cotes de Provence (various vintages) is an excellent Provence rose wine, full of strawberry and peach but dry in style. Provence rose wines can also have floral notes like lavender!
  • Bandol Rose by Domaine Tempier. This one may be more expensive and tougher to find, depending on where you are. However, it is worth the search as it is one of the best rose wines in the world! At over 40 dollars at times for one bottle definitely on the higher end but very age-worthy and a special occasion wine.
  • Adorada Eau de California: a new world take on french style rose, due to being grown in California lots of well-developed fruit flavors strawberry, watermelon, spice, and florals. Wines such as this challenge you to try California, as they don't just make sweeter styles of rose. 
  • For a sweeter take on rose and to have a little sparkle in your day: Freixenet Cuvee, especially ice rose (non-vintage). This is a semi seco or semi-dry wine from Spain. Known as cava, they are Spanish-style sparkling wines made in the same method that champagnes are made! It's an excellent wine for a crowd too, where it is a bit sweeter and could even be used in cocktails on a hot day! But whether drunk as is or with other ingredients, it’s a fantastic wine to try! 
  • Rose wines come from all across the world! So give plenty a try! Aside from these wines, I've shown you here. One of the great things about wine is that you can experiment! Especially these days, we are spoiled with so many greats! So get out there and get tasting! You never know what you may find!

    Written by Alex Hooper (@thisisnothere14)

    Hello! I'm Alex, watch collector, wine enthusiast and amateur chef.When I'm not working, I'm usually found cooking, wine tasting or finding that next piece for the collection! I've been a watch collector for 5 years, and my collection has had its ups and downs, but I've learned a lot along the way. So I'll be here, sharing my knowledge and opinions on watches - whether it's about what goes with a suit or shorts...

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