The Casual Aspect of Tailoring

In a world in which formal wear is almost exclusively reserved for corporate use or special occasions, tailored garments have long lost their use to the more casual and relaxed styles. While the decrease of a formal dress code went unnoticed for the majority of men out there, the idea of formalwear certainly took a hit, as it is commonly perceived as an uncomfortable way of dressing among modern gentlemen. 

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What seems to be disregarded in this argument is the fact that classic pieces can easily be adapted into a relaxed, nonchalant wardrobe. Whether it's a tailored pair of slacks or the jacket of your favourite suit, all it takes is a bit of creativity in order to redefine a garment otherwise solely used for "special occasions". 

In order to give you a more educated article, I will use myself as a reference when discussing casual tailoring. Because I work in a creative industry, this is a style I have adopted on a daily basis. For people working in more conservative fields, or alternatively, positions that don't require formal wear, this take on classic menswear can be useful on your time off. My everyday "uniform" became a pair of denim and a custom made blazer. This simple combination gives me the flexibility to dress it up a notch when I have to, or go completely casual (with a polo or roller neck sweater). Ultimately, this habit has allowed me to get more use out of a wider range of clothing, as well as extend the lifespan of my pieces.

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With the slightest effort, your style can, and will be elevated. Adding tailored garments into your daily rotation will give your style a more sophisticated aesthetic. People will notice the change, and they will compliment you. Most importantly however, once you start dressing more "maturely" (regardless of your age), your confidence will be pleasantly affected, and therefore, you will project positive energy around you.

At Maison Leporem, we like to encourage our customers to adopt this ideology. Classic menswear has a place into any man's wardrobe and t's just a matter of personalizing these items with what you have available. 
Yours truly,
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