The world of cigar accessories

Our last article, "Beginners Guide on how to Enjoy Cigars," mentioned that getting into cigars can become a costly hobby and passion. Brands would want you to buy and try so many accessories, but in reality, you only need two!

A cigar cutter and a butane lighter are the only two accessories I recommend to start in your journey of smoking cigars. As you know, they are both mandatory for smoking cigars. That being said, they can be a few dollars or a few hundred dollars to buy.

Some people would recommend you buying a lower-priced cutter and a higher-priced lighter. However, I would argue the opposite. Lower-priced cutters aren't always the greatest and can eventually dull out quicker and ruin your cut, which will ultimately ruin your smoking experience. A lower-priced butane lighter will always do the trick.

My go-to lighter is an old zippo lighter I repurposed with a butane insert. I went with this option because I like its simplicity and that it fits nicely inside my pant or blazer pockets and not too bulky. However, throughout my years of smoking, I always had used a butane lighter from the corner store, they worked great, and if they ever broke, I could head to the nearest corner store to buy a new one. I still have a few of them lying around to use if I'm going somewhere where I might lose or forget my lighter (beach, boating, hunting, and the list goes on).

When it comes to a lighter, it's all about preference and personal style. As I mentioned, I have "my" lighter, and then I have lighters. Find one that means something to you, whether it be a vintage one from eBay or given down by a family member, make your lighter represent you. But as I mentioned, don’t waste all your money on a lighter right away as they can get very pricey. Get one that works, and then find "your" lighter. Even if you're not a smoker, I think every man should carry a lighter on them as part of their EDC. It will come in handy, trust me.

Now onto cigars cutter, which is a world of its own! You have your guillotine, a v-cut, the punch, cigar knives, and finally a scissor cut. As mentioned in the previous article, I always recommend the guillotine as it's easy to use, straightforward, and you can find good quality ones at some fantastic prices.

As mentioned earlier, I'm a huge supporter of buying a good-quality cigar cutter instead of a cheaper one. Cutters vary in price, but some essential items to keep an eye out for when purchasing a cutter are the material used for the casing and the thickness and sharpness of the blade itself. If you are a complete beginner, one guillotine cutter I recommend is called the Perfecto Cutter. It is a patented system that makes sure you don’t cut too little or too much of the cap of your cigar.

My go-to cutter was given to me as a gift, the blade is super sharp, and the metal casing has a nice weight. It gives me a perfect cut every time. It's also very slim, so it fits in my pant pocket nicely and is easy to carry. I have an arsenal of cutters but I rely on this one the most.

Let us know in the comments which lighters and cutters you end up purchasing and stay tuned for our next article on humidors. The next item you would need to be able to call yourself a Cigar Aficionado.


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