Vinho Verde

Wait, so wine is green now? Vinho Verde

Do you ever have something so good that it keeps you coming back? I have a few wines that I feel this way.

The wine I want to talk about today is a wine which I love for summer especially!
Vinho Verde is a wine style from northern Portugal! Aside from port, Portugal is known worldwide for their still wines gain more and more notoriety as each year passes!

Vinho Verde can be red wine, a rose, or white wine. However, 99% of the time you encounter this style, you see white or rose examples.

White Vinho Verde’s are high in acid, with many citrus notes, such as lime, grapefruit, gooseberry, and lemon. As well as floral qualities! You can also expect a dry wine, but well balanced and sometimes even lightly carbonated! The carbonation occurs historically because the wines used to finish fermentation at the very tail end shortly after bottling, leaving you with slightly bubbly wine. This wine is nowhere near as bubbly as a sparkling wine, though. Many producers try to get away from having bubbles in their wine, but I quite like them!

Vinho Verde that are red or rose… admittedly,  I don’t have a lot of experience with those. However, you can expect cherry and plum flavors and some florals!

However, with all this said, what should you try? My top picks are these

  • Aveleda Vinho Verde Fonte: my favorite one I’ve had thus far, very balanced and luscious citrus and floral flavors, makes me want to buy more and more when I find it!
  • Quinta da lixa Monsenhor Branco: the first vinho I ever tried. It’s tough to beat, but where I am, it somewhat hard to find. If you do find this, absolutely pick up a bottle or 2. (I bought nearly a case myself)
  • Aveleda Fonte Rose: I just recently came across this wine! This is the first rose vinho I’ve had. It has the usual citrus notes like grapefruit and also sour cherry and raspberries! I'd recommend especially if you want to go for a different take on this style of wine!
So, all in all, Vinho Verde is a great wine to try to mix up your summer drinking regimen!
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