The Finer Details: A Primer on "Pleats"

"Pleats" are a contentious topic in tailoring these days. Most of our clients refuse to even consider the idea of hav...

Introducing WM Brown Project // The Best Spots to Enjoy a Negroni in Montreal

To celebrate our partnership with WM Brown, as the 1st Cana...

Leporem Mavericks: Richard Zhang - Heavy Metal Guitarist, Music Producer & Businessman

How do you describe a man like Richard Zhang? Ex-banker turned entrepreneur, guitar...

The Finer Details: Notes on Jacket & Trouser Lengths

"Whatever you do, don't wear your pants down on your hips because, it will be obvious t...

Building a Formal Wardrobe Part 1 : Suits, Jackets and Pants

The foundation of gentleman's wardrobe.

The Art of Packing for a Business Trip

Without further ado, here are the selected 4 suits & 1 sports coat that came with...

The Black Suit: A Menswear Enigma

The analysis of an all-time classic.

Italian vs. English Tailoring

There's an option for everyone.

Making the Case for a Three-Piece Summer Suit

A Three-Piece Summer Suit? Yes.

Introducing : Holland & Sherry Cloth

One of the World's finest mills. 

The Casual Aspect of Tailoring

Tailoring can, and should be fun.

How to Dress for an Interview

First impressions are the most lasting.
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