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Maison Leporem is a Montreal-based formal menswear brand, founded in 2016.
Leporem comes from the Latin word “lepõr”, which means, charm and elegance, two words that are at the core of our brand.
This is an apt moniker, as the brand was created for the gentleman with lofty
ambitions, drive, and charisma – in other words, a gentleman with charm.
Maison Leporem was born out of frustration at the dearth of high-quality, timeless, well-fitting formal garments for young professionals, in a marketplace dominated by cheap, fast-fashion brands.
Our philosophy is simply “every man can and should look dashing in a suit”. To deliver on this, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality, produced ethically in world-class facilities across Europe.
We also appreciate that an ultimate customer experience is the key to adding value to our young brand.
Thus, every customer is catered to personally by me.
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Yours truly,

Collins Oghor MD, MBA


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