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Maison Leporem is a Montreal-based formal menswear brand, founded in 2016.
Leporem comes from the Latin word “lepõr”, which means, charm and elegance, two words that are at the core of our brand.
This is an apt moniker, as the brand was created for the gentleman with lofty
ambitions, drive, and charisma – in other words, a gentleman with charm.
Maison Leporem was born out of frustration at the dearth of high-quality, timeless, well-fitting formal garments for young professionals, in a marketplace dominated by cheap, fast-fashion brands. Our philosophy is simply “every man can and should look dashing in a suit”. To deliver on this, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality, produced ethically in world-class facilities across Europe. We also appreciate that an ultimate customer experience is the key to adding value to our young brand. Thus, every customer is catered to personally by one of the co-founders.
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Collins Oghor

Growing up with a Mother who was a Fashion Designer, Collins developed a passion for clothes, specifically suits, at a very young age. One constant in a life that has taken him from the Atlantic Coast of Lagos to the harsh winters of Montreal is a penchant for dressing up in suits. He co-founded Maison Leporem during his 3rd year of a joint Medicine & MBA program at McGill University.

On his reasons behind starting the brand, Collins says, “I knew I just had to do it! I
had been wearing suits almost everyday consistently for the past few years, and I
had experienced so much difficulty finding the right quality, fit and value for money. When many of my MBA colleagues starting asking me for advice on where to get timeless, fitted suits & shirts, I realized there wasn’t a brand I could confidently refer them to. The opportunity to live one of my passions, leverage my experience in suit making, fill a gaping hole in the market, and provide supreme value for young & ambitious gentlemen was one I had to grasp with both hands.”
Claudiu Pascalau

Born in Europe and raised in Canada, Claudiu has always been fascinated by
different cultural elements, such as architecture, interior décor and fashion. This
fascination with the timeless aspect of design sparked an obsession with classic
menswear, which led him to work in fashion retail for a period of five years. In
addition to his work in fashion retail, Claudiu also started a menswear blog,
analyzing and critiquing various trends in the industry. After running the menswear
blog for over three years, Claudiu decided to explore a different aspect of the
sartorial realm, which ultimately led him to co-found Maison Leporem in 2016,
while studying in Communications at Concordia University.

On his reasons behind starting the brand, Claudiu says, “I wanted to create
something that I can share with others. Maison Leporem allows me to spread my
passion, as well as offer my services and experience to other gentlemen in need of
sartorial advice. I saw an opportunity for a quality product that the Montreal market desperately needed, along with a superior service provided by passionate people. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, therefore I decided to go against the current fashion trend, and bring back goods that are crafted to last. It was also a way for me to create my dream job, since being the co-owner of a small business allows me to be part of the daily operations such as creative strategies, marketing and of course, customer fittings”.
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