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All of our garments are cut & stitched, by a combination of hand, machine & CAD, in a state-of-the-art atelier located in Prague, Czech Republic.

We partner with a London, UK based tailoring agency that oversees the production facility in Prague; ensuring high quality standards & ethical production/labour practices. 

Our dedicated team of tailors have a rich portfolio of experience, with many years of tailoring for various establishments on Savile Row, among other renowned sartorial houses. 

Please note that, all our suits/blazers/tuxedos/overcoats are either half or full canvassed. We do not use glue in the production of our garments. 

We also have a group of 4 expert tailors, located on rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, Montreal, who deal with all post-production alterations locally. 



We are proud to say that we source our suiting fabrics exclusively from the oldest and most reputable mills in England & Italy. These include: Holland & Sherry, Alfred Brown, REDA 1865, DRAGO, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Dormeuil.

We have a wide variety of fabrics - over 1,000 samples in-store - in terms of quality, content & weights.

On offer are Super 100s to Super 160s wool, worsted wool, woollen flannel, cotton, linen, cashmere, tweed, and various blends. 


Likewise, our shirting fabrics are sourced from the most storied mills in the world that specialize in cotton fabrics - such as Thomas Mason, Canclini, Tessitura Monti, Albini, Soktas.

We have a large collection of Egyptian & Italian cotton fabrics, as well as other varieties like poplin, linen, etc. There are over 1,000 shirting fabric samples in-store.  


Here is a great resource for general information about fabric quality, to help you prepare for your consultation with us.


For those interested in the "business model" side of things, our choice of production in Prague is based on 3 reasons:

1.) Prague's close proximity to England & Italy, where most of our fabrics are produced, makes it an ideal location for tailoring. This means that once an order is placed, it only takes 24 hours for the fabric to arrive at our atelier and production of the client's garment can begin almost immediately. 

2.) Given the relatively low cost of labour in Czech Republic, many established luxury European brands have moved their production there. As a result, the country (Prague particularly) has become a hub of highly skilled tailors and other related crafts. We are therefore able to tap into this comparative advantage -- thus, producing the best quality garments in the world, at an accessible price.

3.) Under the CETA (Canada-Europe Trade Agreement), goods produced in Czech Republic are exempt from import duties. Therefore, we are able to pass these cost savings on to our customers - making our products more affordable than similar competitors'.   

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