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We offer a full range of Made-to-Measure for formal/business wear.

Our offering includes:

 Shirts (starting at $199; average $250 CAD)
Suits (starting at $900; average $1,200 CAD)
       Tuxedos (starting at $1,100 ; average $1,350 CAD) 
      Blazers (starting at $650; average $850 CAD)
         Overcoats (starting at $900; average $1,050 CAD)


Pricing of a garment is dependent on the fabric of your choice. We carry a wide variety of fabrics, from the world's most renowned mills, hence we have a wide range of pricing - from Level 1 to 24. See full price list below. Please note that, as a matter of principle, our prices are strictly non-negotiable.
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